The Rusty Rail Food Drive

The Rusty Rail Food Drive is a yearly competition between the Athens Area School District and the Sayre Area School District. The goal of this competition is to get students and parents to get involved in the community and donate food such as canned goods and non-perishable food items in order to stock the Salvation Army food pantry in Sayre, PA.

The food pantry supplies the needs of the families of The Valley who aren’t able to get meals, especially helping during the winter. Other parts of the community help support the food pantry, like the annual Scouting for Food which is hosted by the Boy Scouts of America to help support the food pantry.

As the last week of the fundraiser approaches, we ask parents to help support the cause and help the local people of The Valley by having your students bring in cans or other food items that will not spoil. If you don’t have a student and still would like to donate, you can call the Salvation Army at (570) 888-2153 and ask when to drop off any donations. Let’s make this year a good one Redskins!

Here are some pictures from the Rusty Rail of 2016:

All the collections from Mrs. Cole’s various classes.

All the items from the High School are gathered in the cafeteria for sorting and collections before they are shipped over to the Salvation Army.

Students from Student Council helping out gather items at Snyder Elementary

The Student Council of Sayre at the Rusty Rail football game claiming the plaque to display that Sayre was the winner of the Rusty Rail Food Drive 2016.

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