Tech Tips


Getting Started with SASD’s Technology
Windows 7 Basics
Logging On to the SASD Network
Accessing SASD Programs in Windows 7
Finding Your Documents
Saving Your Documents
Logging Off
Using One Monitor and One Projector Duplicate Settings
Using Two Monitors and One Projector Extend Settings
Accessing SASD Installed Web Browsers
Windows 7 Security Tips
Changing Your Network Password While In The Building
Changing Your Network Password Remotely
Locking and Securing your PC
Wireless Basics
SASD Laptop Basics: Logging into the Network
SASD Laptop Basics: Logging in Outside the Sayre Network
Connect SASD Apple Devices to Wireless
GUEST Access to the SASD Wireless Network (SASDiDevices SSID)
Technology Requests
How to Submit a Technology Request
3D printer – Shop Printer
Exporting From AutoCAD to an STL File
Exporting From Inventor to an STL File
Composing Final Files For Build
Accelerated Reader
 Accessing Accelerated Reader from SASD PCs
Accessing the Algebra (Kurta) Software from SASD HS Teacher PCs
Altertus (Notification System)
Alertus Basics (Notification System)
Antivirus (ThirtySeven4)
Virus Protection – Best Practices 
How to Know if Thirtyseven4 is Installed

USB Thumb Drive Protection – How It Works
How to Scan Your Computer (Full System Scan)
Black Windows Screen on Startup
Where to See Virus Scan Results
Advanced Features
Boot Time Scanner Results
APC UPS Desktop
APC UPS Desktop Basics
SASD Apple iPAD iOS7 Basics and FAQs
Taking a CAMERA PICTURE on an iPAD and Emailing it
Taking a Screen Shot on an iPAD and Emailing it
Canon Camcorders
CanonCamcorder VIXIA HF R500 – Basic Operation
CanonCamcorder VIXIA HF R500 – Exporting Files to USB Thumb Drive or DVD
 Copiers – How to Print To SASD Networked Copiers
Discovery Education
Accessing Discovery Education from SASD PCs
Password – Changing your Discovery Education Password
Password – Changing your Discovery Education Streaming Password
Desktop Authority
Dell Desktop Authority Basics
Dell Desktop Authority Power Save
Dell Desktop Authority Remote Management (DARM) by SASD Tech
Education City
How to Create a My City for Your Class
General PC Utilities
Archive- How to Archive in Non-ZIP Format so that the File can be Emailed
How to screencapture with GreenShot
Point2View – How to Use
MS Windows 7 Tips 
HS Auditorium
Using the High School Auditorium Projector to Display PowerPoints and Files from the Balcony Computer
HS Auditorium – Using the projection and sound system
HS Café
HS CAFE PROJECTOR – How to use the projector with the HSCAFS01 Desktop Computer
Using HS Cafe Multimedia Cart with laptop
HS Business Office
 HS Business Office Conf Room Equipment for IEPs and Projection
HS Music Lab
 CONTROLLER – Music Lab Keyboard Controller Operation
SETUP – Music Lab Keyboard and Hub Setup
KEYBOARD – ProKeys Sono 88 – User Guide
KEYBOARD – ProKeys Sono 88 – Quick Start Guide
KEYBOARD – ProKeys Sono 88 – Keyboard Map
FINALE – How to Use Finale 2014 (Updated)
 General Setup of HS GYM Projector
Using HS Gym Project Cart
 Installing Web License of Kurzweil 3000 Version 12
Kurzweil Basics
To log in and change your students in the class
Microsoft Office 2013
2013 – Access Enable Database Security for Macros
2013 – Compatibility Settings for Office 2013
2013 – Compress Image Size – MS Office Apps
2013 – Copy, Cut, Paste
2013 – MS Excel Export to ASCII for Government Request
2013 – MS Word 2013 Tips
Activating Microsoft Office 2013 from Home
Changes in MS Office 2013
Abaca Basics
Adding Contacts
Allowing Others to Read Your Email
Cleaning Type Ahead Memory
Create Personal Group
Duplicate Names
EMAIL Basics
Filtering SPAM
Handout – MSOutlook Desktop Client – Basics
Managing Your Email with the Follow-up Feature
Managing Your Emails With Folders
Modify RULE permanent deletion
MS Exchange Online Protection (EOP) Email SPAM Basics
MSOutlook Web Access – Basics
Out of Office
Recalling a Message in MS Outlook
Recommended MS Outlook Options
Reserving a Computer Lab or a CFF Cart Using Outlook 2010
Sharing a Calendar with a Group
Sharing Your Calendar and Sending Invitations
Sorting your Outlook Email – Recommended Setting – Not Getting EMails
SPAM – SASD Blocking Emails with Unsafe or Virus Attachments
SPAM – SASD PROOFPOINT Basics on How to Use
Tracking Your Emails
Using Rule to Move EMAIL to JUNK
Numonics Tablet
 How to Save a Virtual Whiteboard Session
Inserting Clipart into a Virtual Whiteboard session
Introduction to the Numonics Tablet Monitor
Introduction to the Virtual Whiteboard Application
Numonics Basics
Saving Your Work to Your Network Drive
Using the Text and Color Formatting Tools in the Virtual Whiteboard Application
PA Online Assessments
Accessing the PA Online Assessments from SASD PCs
Non-Default Printers – How to Print To SASD Networked Printers
Read Naturally
Setting up a classroom and students
Scanning to SASD Network
Scan from HP OfficeJet Pro x576DW MFP to Network Shared Area
Scan from Dell 3765 MFP to Network Shared Area
Scan from Dell 3335 MFP to Network Shared Area
Scan from Dell 3115 MFP to Network Shared Area for Staff
Scan from HP400 MFP to Network Shared Area
Changing Your Password for Family Access
For Office Staff – Setting Up Long Term Subs
First Time Log In to Skyward – Change Password – Inside SASD Network
First Time Log In to Skyward – Change Password – Outside SASD Network
For Special Education Teachers – Viewing Student’s Grades
For Teachers – Viewing Basic Student Information for Students Not in Your Class
Grade Changes for Closed Marking Periods
How to Change a Student to PassFail
How to request changes to your contact phone numbers
How to View All Students’ Missing Assignments
How to View an Automated Report
Log In to Skyward – Inside SASD Network
Log In to Skyward – Outside SASD Network
SAP – Viewing Basic Student Information for Students Not in Your Class
SKYLERT – Skyward Family Access – Basics of How Skylert Works
SKYLERT – Skyward Family Access – How to Request Changes to Your Contact Phone Numbers for Skylert
Skyward – Getting Help via SkyDocs
Skyward Educator Plus Access (Teacher) Upgrade to Version 2.0
Skyward Family Access (Parent and Student) Upgrade to Version 2.0
Skyward Family Access Basics – Pop Ups Off
Skyward Learning Support IEP Cloning from Leslie from Skyward
Skyward Student Management (Office Staff) Upgrade to Version 2.0
Skyward Submit Tech Request Ticket for Authorized SASD Staff
Students – How to Login and Use Skyward
Using a Scheduling Group
Skyward (Teacher Tips)
Grade Changes for Closed Marking Periods
Summer Rec
BASIC USAGE – How to Manage IDWorks and Print Summer Rec Cards
DESIGN BADGES – How to Make New Summer Rec ID Badges with New Graphics
Technology Reservation Calendars
SASD RESERVATIONS – Library Reservation Calendars
SASD RESERVATIONS – High School Lab Reservation Calendar
BASICS – Vision
App-Control (restricting students to a specific program on the PC)
WordPress Modifying a WordPress Page (Basics)
WordPress Modifying a WordPress Page (Adding Attachment)


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