Standardize – Simplify – Save Money

(We work to be good stewards of the resources allocated to our district. Standards not only Simply but Save Money).

In the Sayre Area School District, we believe that technology is essential to our success. Our mission is to provide students, faculty, and staff with an effective teaching and learning environment. A critical component of this learning environment is technology. Our mission is to provide the technology skills and equipment that enable our students to be successful as learners (according to PA standards) and as future members of the workforce.

HomePicture11“Providing quality educational technology for our students has always been a top priority in the Sayre Area School District.”
Jim Osborn, School Board President

HomePicture12“As a result of this new technology, students who would commonly struggle with verbal instruction, have an opportunity to learn with stimulating visuals and engaging hands-on instruction. This makes me Redskin Proud”
Rick Rava, (Retired) Director of Technology

Sayre Area School District is utilizing a wide variety of technologies to promote learning. This area of the Sayre Area Web Site contains resources related to our technology including (see links above) Acceptable Use Policy, Contacts (who to contact for your technology questions), Email, Labs (district wide), Status (IT Plans and current status of IT projects), Tech Manuals (electronic copies of many of the technologies implemented with the district), and Tech Tips (helpful guides related to the technology needs of our districts users).

Sayre Area School District works with a variety of Colleges to offer valuable hands-on woHomePicture10rk experience and internships. Colleges that have participated in this program are Corning Community College, BloomsbHomePicture11urg University, Edinboro University, Houghton College, Mansfield University, University of Phoenix, Penn College of Technology, Lock Haven University, Penn State University, University of Pittsburgh, and York Technology Institute.

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