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Michelle Pettitt

High School Science Teacher
Work Phone: Ext. 2153

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– Recommended – 85% or higher in Science 9 CP OR 93% or higher in Science 8CP.
– Participation in lab is required.
This course is designed to meet college entrance requirements, providing an introduction to the concepts of biology, which include ecology, chemistry, cellular biology, cellular respiration, cellular reproduction, genetics, evolution, and classification. Students taken this course have class every day with a separate lab period built in every other day.

This course is designed to provide a foundation for understanding the fundamental characteristics and functions of living things. Areas of study include: ecology, chemistry, cell, genetics, evolution, and classification. Labs are included. Participation in lab is required.

– Prerequisite – Biology CP or recommendation by instructor. Recommend concurrent with Physics.
– Prerequisite -Grade of 85% or higher in Biology CP.
– Participation in lab is required.
– Good lab techniques and study skills are required.
This course provides in depth coverage of topics covered in Biology 10. Topics include: biochemistry, cell, cellular respiration, photosynthesis, cellular reproduction, genetics, gene expression and biotechnology, evolution, classification review, and an introductory study of anatomy and physiology. Students taking this course can take the AP Biology exam offered in the spring (cost approx. $80.00) to possibly earn 3 college credits (check with your colleges of interest to see if they accept AP Biology credits).

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