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Marnie Streit

High School Health/Physical Education Teacher
Work Phone: Ext.2323

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Pre-requisite: Phys Ed Teacher recommendation required to take this course. This course introduces students to the many different aspects of fitness including nutrition, goal setting, weightlifting, research and fitness testing. A portfolio is required for this course as well as a daily fitness component.


This course offers encouragement for further development of advanced skills, greater participation in competitive team situations, and emphasis on the enjoyment and skill development of the lifetime
individual sports. Swimming, water polo and boating are incorporated into physical education. Students learn to develop basic skills that will lead to a greater interest in aquatic activities in and outside of school. Student grades are based on participation, effort, written assignments and/or written test.


Physical Education will provide exposure to as many activities as possible, with emphasis on basic skills in both individual and team sports. Participation in game situations affords a controlled, wholesome environment for learning. Swimming is incorporated into physical education. Student grades are based on participation, effort and a written test.

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