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Mark Noldy

High School Math Teacher
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Statistics is for 11/12th grade students. Seniors may take Statistics concurrently with H/ACE calculus. The course will stress the development of statistical thinking skills. Students will be introduced to the world of statistics and will later be required to compile data for analysis. This is an introductory course designed to provide basic statistical techniques to all students leaving high school. All students will be required to learn math vocabulary and mathematical terminology specific to the course. This course will also involve specific topics such as one-variable and two-variable analysis, regression, association, correlation, boxplots, stemplots, variance, standard deviation, normal distributions, binomial distributions, chi-square distributions.
-Passing score on any Algebra 2 final exam/Algebra 2 Keystone Exam.
-TI-83/TI-84 graphing calculator is mandatory for successful completion.
-Completion of daily assignments is required for successful completion.
-For students intending on post-secondary education.
-Expect college-level content, thinking and work load.
-Curriculum reflects Corning Community College’s requirements for MA 1310.
-Successful completion could earn four (4) college credits.

The early units of Course 3 focus on rational numbers and their operations, equations and inequalities. You will build understanding of these concepts using models, such as algebra tiles, number lines, and verbal models. You will also apply your skills to problem-solving situations and use estimation to check reasonableness. Topics from math strands, such as real number properties, geometric formulas, and averages are introduced early in the course and then integrated and expanded upon throughout. Later units include topics such as linear equations and their graphs, properties of right triangles, geometric transformations, and probability. The number and variety of problems, ranging from basic to challenging, give you the practice you need to develop your math skills. Every lesson has both skill practice and problem solving, including multi-step problems. These types of problems often appear on standardized tests (like the Keystone Exams) and cover a wide variety of math topics. To help you prepare for standardized tests, Course 3 provided instruction and practice on standardized test questions in many formats – multiple choice, short response, extended response, and so on. Technology support for course content and standardized test preparation is available throughout the course at
-Passing score on Course 2 final exam.
-Scientific calculators are useful, but not required, for successful completion.
-Completion of daily assignments is required for successful completion.
-Curriculum reflects PA Assessment Anchors and Eligible Content.

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