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Jeffrey Maximiek

High School Social Studies Teacher
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This course will examine how individual decision makers, both consumers and producers, and their behaviors affect the larger economic system. Scarcity of resources, the supply and demand for goods and services, and the role of the government in the market will be the primary emphasis. This course will give you, the individual consumer, the opportunity to learn about how economic factors affect consumer transactions, business transactions, and the everyday lives of American citizens.

This class will look at the development of western culture starting with the first recognized civilizations in the area of Mesopotamia. It will then follow the spread of civilization from the Persian Empire to Greece, Hellenistic Society, and then the Roman Empire. From the collapse of Rome the focus will be on the development of European history including the Byzantine Empire, Russia, the Middle Ages, Renaissance and decline of feudalism, the influence of the Ottoman Empire, Spain and Portugal’s rise and exploration, and finally the ideas of absolutism, enlightenment, and the first global wars. The class will conclude with the state of European culture and politics at the eve of the French Revolution.

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