Snyder Elementary

(Ready 4-6)

Jill Daloisio
Michelle Murrelle
Guidance Counselor:
Regina Edgerton

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H. Austin Snyder Elementary School is the creation of its namesake, the beloved former Superintendent, H. Austin Snyder, who served Sayre Area School District from 1946 to 1976. The building was constructed in 1973 to consolidate the numerous small elementary schools within Sayre and to provide the most flexible classroom environment for implementing a variety of effective instructional techniques used at the time and those yet to be discovered. H. Austin Snyder is a flexible or open space school with grade level pods arranged around a central library/media center. Each pod supports four classes at the same grade level except for kindergarten and the pre-kindergarten Ready 4 classes. Kindergarten is divided into two pods with two classes in each pod and the Ready 4 class is self-contained in its own classroom.

Approximately 570 students are enrolled in a complete all-day kindergarten through sixth grade (K-6) program. The Ready 4 program is federally funded and services a number of our district’s four year olds based needs.

Programs in art, music, physical education, learning support, enrichment, library, speech, computers, Title 1 Reading, and an after-school tutorial session are provided in addition to our general academic program. H. Austin Snyder Elementary School also contains an outdoor environmental center constructed by students, staff, and volunteers.

H. Austin Snyder Elementary School is a close-knit, family oriented school known for its positive, friendly atmosphere and the caring concern of the faculty and staff. Teachers welcome parent participation and encourage parents to keep the lines of communication open at all times in order to promote a positive working relationship between home and the school. The parents of the community are actively involved in supporting their children through a classroom volunteer program and through the Parent Teacher Group. Together, the students, parents, and staff of the H. Austin Snyder Elementary School work as a team to maximize wholesome development and success which is supported by its flexible space design.

H. Austin Snyder Elementary School has been touted by valley residents as one of the bright jewels of Sayre Area School District. Where the goal of a sound mind in a sound body is met with a healthy dose of learning that can be fun. In addition, H. Austin Snyder Elementary School has served the valley for many years as a community resource with its winter walking program and its David Port Community Room. Nonetheless, H. Austin Snyder is secured electronically before, during and after school hours.

The School Bell Memorial at H. Austin Snyder Elementary School was dedicated on June 29, 1991 to remember the various elementary schools which contribute to H. Austin Snyder Elementary School. (Courtesy of Carl Shay)

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