Library References

General Reference Portals

refdesk – Great place to find all types of reference materials ,and other information.

InfoPlease – Excellent site for references especially encyclopedias.

Library Spot – very good site for references and other resources such as top books.


Merriam-webster – Very good site that includes thesauras and Spanish/English.

YourDictionary – Very easy to use with lots of resources. – Very simple and easy to use.

Encyclopedias – great site and very easy to use.

Wolfram Mathworld – Excellent Math Encyclopedia.

Eh Net – Economic and Business encyclopedia.

Science Encyclopedia – very good science encyclopedia.


CIA World Factbook – most up to date and complete almanac.

50 States – Good for studying the U.S. states.


World Atlas – Good for studying the world.

National Atlas – Very specific maps available on the site.

University of Texas Map Collection – Most complete online map collection available.

Conversion & Special

Online Conversion – Convert all kinds of measurements.

XE – Currency Converter

Quoteland – Quotes on every major subject.

On This Day – Find out what major events happend on each day of the year.

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