Office Forms

Fee Schedule For Facilities

College Trip Form
(Sayre Area Jr. /Sr. High School Student College Trip Request)

Educational Trip Form
(Sayre Area Jr. /Sr. High School Student Educational Trip Request)

Emergency Data Sheet Page One
(Student/Parent/Emergency Information Page One)

Emergency Data Sheet Page Two
(Student/Parent/Emergency Information Page Two)

Excuse Slip
(This form should be used for all tardies, absences or early dismissals)

Guest Dance Form
(Form for Guests to SASD Dances)

Grade Improvement
(Grade Improvement Request Form)

Medication Administration Procedure Acknowledgement

SHS Attendance Policy Acknowledgement
(SHS Attendance Policy)

SHS Free and Reduced Meal Application
Student Activity Request

Student Handbook
(Junior/Senior High School Student Handbook)

Student Parking Application
(Student Parking Permit Application)

Take Your Child to Work Day

Building Use Permit




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