College Bound Athletes

Academic Requirements for College Bound Athletes 

In order to be eligible to compete athletically as a freshman in college, you will need to make certain that you meet the academic eligibility requirements of the Athletic Association where you are planning to participate, whether you hope to compete in the NCAA, NAIA, or the NJCAA, you must realize that it’s not just athletic talent that determines whether you will be able to participate. Just as important, if not more, are the academic requirements that relate to the course schedule you carry each year in high school. Each Athletic Association has their own initial eligibility standard, which is determined using a combination of required core courses, a core GPA, and a standardized test score. Information and a list of requirements and approved courses can be found at the following web sites:


It is strongly recommended that you consider these requirements when planning your schedule. (Wire, Rick: The Student Athlete & College Recruiting) 

**Starting with the 2008-09 school year, the NCAA will NOT be accepting any of our general level courses.
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