High School

Sayre Area School District and Sayre Area High School have a rich history. The present high school building was erected in 1928 and 1929 with additions and remodeling completed in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The community gave its swimming pool to the Sayre Area School District in 1951. The first high school building, shown below, was actually constructed in 1891 and  1892 and renovated with an annex in 1897. It was a recreation center and later became a 4-6 Elementary School.

Although Sayre Area High School is steeped in tradition as the architecture of its building indicates, the exterior quality of its facilities and the instruction that are and have been provided inside its walls are always state-of-the-art and uncommonly innovative. In fact, even the method of financing the construction of the present high school was so unusual at the time that it needed to receive court approval.

As you might expect from the above, Sayre Area High School features education that is a blend of the traditional secondary program and cutting edge instructional practices. Sayre High School is a small 7-12 High School which operates much like an extended family for its students and focuses on both academic and social development..

Graduates of Sayre Area High School are expected to successfully complete 24-1/4 credits of study and a senior project. These 24-1/4 credits must include the following

  • English – 4 credits
  • Social Studies – 4 credits
  • Mathematics – 3 credits
  • Science – 4 credits
  • Health and Physical Education – 2-1/2 credits
  • Driver Education – 1/4 credit
  • Arts and Humanities – 2 credits
  • Electives – 4 credits
  • Microsoft Office – 1/2 credit

Technology is a critical part of secondary education and is provided through six computer labs and a computer in each classroom for teacher use. A student grade report and lesson program is maintained for parent electronic access to their child(ren)’s school work and academic progress.

In addition, Sayre Area High School incorporates a tutorial period in its schedule to assist struggling students and transports them home on a separate bus run.

In addition to the standard honors, college preparatory, and general programs, Sayre Area High School offers accelerated college education  (ACE) courses and advance placement (AP) courses as well as a vocational-technical curriculum. Students can receive college credit for ACE and  AP courses. For students interested in engineering, Sayre Area High School offers a pre-engineering and engineering technology program jointly with a neighboring school district. A limited business education program is also offered, and students may mix and match courses to their needs as long as they meet the graduation requirements specified above.

Because Sayre Area High School is a small secondary school, students can easily become involved in multiple co-curricular and extra-curricular activities at all grade levels (7-12).

Athletic activities include the following:

Sport Boys Girls Coed Varsity JV Jr. High Season
Golf X X Fall
Cross Country X X X X X Fall
Volleyball X X X X Fall
Football X X X X Fall
Soccer X X X X X Fall
Wrestling X X X X Winter
Swimming X X X X Winter
Basketball X X X X X Winter
Softball X X X Spring
Baseball X X X Spring
Track & Field X X X Spring
Cheerleading X X X X Fall/Winter


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