The Archives attempt to preserve the history of the school district. Although it is run out of just a small room, many donated memento and memorabilia provide an immense sense of history and wealth of information. Furthermore, it is run by dedicated people who do an amazing job.

This web site hopes to mirror these qualities as much as possible while providing a large amount of content and information. To get straight to the articles and photos, choose the Browse or Search links. To find out about the history of the school district, travel to the History page. If you’d just like something quick, discover some little known facts about the school district by going to the Did You Know? page.

We have also added into our Archive’s page the Litchfield link, consisting of photos and information of Litchfield school and past. Our latest addition has been the Athletics Hall Of Fame, which includes information about star athletes from Sayre High School. If you’d like to see what can be found upon visiting the Archives, check out our In The Archives page.

Finally, please help us out by clicking on the Needed link to see if you might have anything that could be placed in the Archives. If so, be sure to tell us by use of the Contact page. This can also be used to inform the webmaster about any mistakes, suggestions, questions, or comments.

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