K-6 Special Education Teacher Position



TO:               Appropriate Certified Professional Staff Members

FROM:         Dr. Sherry E. Griggs

DATE:          December 8, 2016

SUBJECT:   K-6 Special Education Teacher Position

According to Appendix “C”, Section B of the Professional Contract, I am to post

notices of professional vacancies which occur during the school term on all faculty room bulletin boards and the entrance door windows of all principals’ offices.  At this time, the following professional position exits:

  • K-6 Special Education Teacher

Interest in the above position should be directed to Sherry E. Griggs, Superintendent.  The school district, however, reserves its right to restructure positions and/or realign staff as it deems necessary.

Letters of interest will be accepted until December 14, 2016.

cc:  Mrs. Michelle Murrelle, Elementary Principal

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