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Student will have an overall average of at least an 85% in Biology CP or 90% in Biology G.
Prerequisite – successful completion of Algebra 1 or Algebra 2 concurrent.
Lab periods are required.
This course introduces the student to the basic concepts of atomic theory and bonding.Stoichiometric relationships are utilized throughout the course. Emphasis is placed on understanding basics such as chemical symbols, formulas, chemical reactions, periodic table, gas laws, acids and bases.

This course gives students hands-on experience in concepts of Chemistry. Areas of study include natural resources, food and pollution.

Prerequisites – Grade of 85% or above in Chemistry College Prep.
Algebra 2 or higher.
Students must purchase Lab Manual and approved Textbook ($150.00 estimated cost).
This course is an extension of Chemistry 1 CP, with topics in the following units: thermochemistry, quantum theory, electron configurations, periodic trends, and bonding. The following units will be newly introduced: molecular geometry, colligative properties, kinetics, acid/base, oxidation reduction, electrochemistry, and equilibrium. The course follows the curriculum approved by Corning Community College as an ACE course (CCC Course # CHEM 1510 General Chemistry I
and Course # CHEM 1520 General Chemistry II) and a lab manual and course approved textbook are required and must be purchased by the students at an estimated cost of $150.00. In addition, students taking the course can receive 8 credits through the college.

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