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This is a 9 week course to give students a taste of FACS. The first 1/2 of the marking period will focus on Food and Nutrition, dealing with Food groups, portion size, food safety and preparation. The second 1/2 of the quarter we will discuss the environment, recycling and sewing safety – producing a sewing project to be determined by the class.

Family & Consumer Science 8

This course is designed to assist students with completing their Senior project AND in making the
transition to independent living. The topics covered will be budgeting, savings and checking accounts, renting an
apartment, buying a car, types of insurance, career search, resumes, job/college applications
The second semester will consist of Food Science and Nutrition, focusing on preparing healthy meals, practical meal
planning, comparison shopping and fitness.

Prerequisite: Family & Consumer Science 1. This is a full year course that will build on information learned in Family and Consumer Science I. The topics covered will be Advanced Food Science and Nutrition – taking a closer look at meal planning principles, food processing and diets to improve health conditions. The Child Development unit will focus on new research in understanding children and
parenting, how to successfully meet the needs of children and community resources that impact child development, Financial and Resource management and strengthening family relationships.

This is a full year course designed for students interested in a career in the Food Service industry. Teamwork, creativity and exploration with food are essential to be successful in this class.

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