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English – Reading
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Reading 8 General- The goal of this course is to motivate readers and further increase reading skills. The focus of instruction is based on reading, writing strategies, and vocabulary instruction.

Reading 7 Advanced- The goal of this course is to challenge readers to think more critically about what they have read and to respond to deeper level thinking questions related to differing genres. Students will also write independently for many different purposes.

Reading 7 General- The focus of this course is on reading strategies and the skills that students need to make the transition to high school. Daily authentic reading, writing, and vocabulary lessons are emphasized in instruction and form the grading process. The goal of this course is to motivate readers and increase reading skills.

Wilson 1 & 2- The basic purpose of the Wilson Reading System is to teach students fluent decoding and encoding skills to the level of mastery. From the beginning steps of the program, it also includes sight word instruction, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. The lessons progress from easier to more challenging tasks for decoding and then spelling. The Wilson Reading System is a 12 Step Program that has been broken down into two classes. Wilson I goes through steps 1-6 and Wilson 2 goes through steps 7-12. There are a number of different ways that a student could be placed into Wilson 1:
Below grade level reading level (through testing)
Below Basic or Basic on 4-Sight or PSSA tests
Struggling reader that would need some extra help in decoding and spelling.

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