1999 marked the 50th anniversary of the Litchfield Elementary PTA and the 100th anniversary of the Pennsylvania PTA. Amidst all the festivities in 1999, the nation was busy gearing up for the start of the upcoming New Millennium. One of the biggest concerns, which filled the news media, was readiness for the date change to 01-01-00 and how it would affect the nation’s many computer systems. Paraphernalia for “Y2K” filled the market place and thoughts turned to making time capsules to commemorate the event.


I felt that the Litchfield PTA should also do something special, something school-wide to mark the start of the New Millennium. We talked it over and decided to make a book including a photo and a little information about each student, teacher and staff member who was present at the Litchfield Elementary School as we ushered in the New Millennium. This booklet is the result of that wish to capture this point in time at the Litchfield School, for future generations that might someday have a desire to learn more about us. This book is the Litchfield PTA’s substitute time capsule for the year 2000. Our plans are to donate a copy of this book to the Bradford County Historical Society for safekeeping. When I spoke with Denise Golden at BCHS, she was very receptive to the idea. Since that time, Mrs. Kay Husick has also expressed an interest in having a copy made for the Sayre School District’s archives.

All we needed to do was to make the book but with time constraints and a busy schedule, I was falling way behind our deadline. Mrs. Tammy Card, parent of a Litchfield student and computer instructor at the Epiphany School in Sayre, Pennsylvania, graciously volunteered to rescue the project for us. This booklet is the result of Tammy’s creative design, layout and hard work. She also took all of the digital photos for us. A special thank you is owed to Tammy for making this project a reality! Without her, I doubt we would have completed it this school year.

I would also like to thank my fellow PTA officers for all their help during the 1999-2000 school year and for their support of this project.

Litchfield PTA officers for 1999-2000:

Linda Gowan, Vice-President

Deb Agnew, Treasurer

Amy Millard, Secretary

Deb Bergquist, Fund-raiser Chairperson

Thanks are also owed to all the students, parents, teachers and staff for completing our Millennium questionnaire.

-Mary Lou Benjamin
Litchfield PTA President

A Glimpse at the Litchfield Past

The following is the earliest Litchfield School record I could find at the Sayre School District’s archives, housed in a room above the Sayre High School Library. Kay Husick and Priscilla House, who are currently organizing the archives, were kind enough to show me the records.

The very first class entry was made for the month ending December 21, 1880. The report was made by Ada Munn, teacher of Cotton Hollow School No. 4. As you open the journal, all the male students are listed on the left page and the female students are listed separately on the right page. This first class entry includes the ages of the students and is transcribed to the best of my ability, using the aid of a magnifying glass. The pages are yellow and brittle and a good portion of the ink from the teacher’s meticulous script has faded over the 120 years since the entries were written. I hope you will enjoy this glimpse of the past and perhaps some of you may even recognize these early Litchfield students as some of your ancestors.

– Mary Lou Benjamin
May 18, 2000


December 21, 1880

(Page 2) (Page 3)
Names of Names of
Male Female
Students Age Students Age
1.  Gerdie McGovern  10 1. Anna Webster 13
2.  Willie Ryder  14   2. Alice Campbell 15
3.  Clarence VanGorder 12 3. Fannie Munn  16
4.  Fred Rogers 9 4. Emma Snell  14
5.  Schuyler McAfee 8 5. Nettie Carmer  11
6.  Park Rogers 13 6. Nellie Hadlock
7.  James Ryder 11 7. Martha Brink 10
8.  George McAfee 12 8. Jennie Snell 11
9.  John McAfee 12 9. Minnie David  8
10. Worthy Munn 14 10.Cassie Foley  12
11. Stephy Evans 7 11. Ruth Cotton 12
12. James Cotton  10 12. Hattie Cotton 13
13. Johnie Foley 9 13. Jennie McGovern  5
14. Willie Hadlock  10 14. Agnes Carmer 9
15. Joseph Evans 16 15. Frank Snell ** 16
16. Harry McGovern 8 16. Martha Doty  10
17. Lewis Doty  13 17. Minnie Keeler  14
18. Willie Foley 7
19. Orson Carmer  17
20. George Snell  11 ** This is how it was written. – mlb 
21. Clarence Doty  14
22. Raphael Sanders  18 (Maybe just 8yrs. old. – mlb)
23. Nelson Doty  8

Branches of Study

Alphabet  Mental Arithmetic Composition  Vocal Music
Spelling Written Arithmetic Book-Keeping Physiology
Reading Geography German Algebra
Writing Grammar History, United States



By Whom Date
Mr. Clarence Munn
Raphael Sanders  24
Jacob Miller 26
Will Munn 3
Joseph Sanders 3
Oram/Orson Davids


Books Used

American Educational Readers Nos 1,2,3,4 & 5 Mitchels Geography
Primer Kerls Grammar
Swintons Spellers Swintons History
Robinsons Practical Arithmetic Goodriches History
Robinsons Rudiments Arithmetic Guyo’s Geography
Robinsons Primary Arithmetic Robinson’s Higher Arithmetic
Swinton’s Geography Spencerian Copy Books

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